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Press release Dec 18 2013

UMACO partners with Aus-Asia Global Resources HK The Directors of the combined entities of UMACO Australia (comprising UMACO Australia and UMACO Papua New Guinea) announce with much excitement a new partnership with Aus-Asia Global Resources Hong Kong Limited.

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The Current Situation

International Transport

UMACO is currently liaising with Braemar Seascope to transport the shipping container for the UMACO home. Initial pricing provided by Braemar Seascope indicate that houses may be shipped to and throughout South East Asia including Australia at a comparable cost to standard containers

Due to the manufactured and shipping dimensions of the house exceeding the standard container size capability, a customized container is being designed and built. UMACO and Braemar Seascope are to confirm shipping costs and cooperation in designing a suitable size container .Manufacture of the container will more than likely be conducted in China, which has a number of manufacturers and, is a major supplier to the world market

Once the design specifications are finalized Braemer Seascope are also able to organize the shipping of the containers from Nantong to Australia and South East Asia as well as Pacific Rim countries.

Braemar Seascope has been identified as a shipping broker that is capable of organizing shipments of containers to service the Australian and Pacific country requirements. In the longer term UMACO will need to identify an internationally networked shipping broker that can manage a broader international market

A system of being able to track all orders in transit will be established to determine progress and to confirm the delivery date.

UMACO engineers will carry reporting on the capability and durability when the container is shipped. UMACO will be responsible for ensuring that the purpose built containers are compliant with international standards (ISO) and carry a valid compliance certificate plate to verify their structural integrity to carry the manufacturer’s specified weight.

Local Transportation and Land Transportation

UMACO plans to approach transport companies who can transport the container using a drop deck trailer in locations requiring road transport. UMACO have confirmed that transportation of the homes by rail is feasible Various transport companies will need to be identified for the road transport from destination port to construction site.

UMACO if necessary, will design and purchase a purpose built trailer to transport the “Maxima” container from destination port to construction site.

The purpose built trailer will be designed to carry a container approximately 16 metres long by 4 metres wide by 4 metres high weighing approx 20 metric tones.

It is considered desirable for the trailer design to be capable of being used in conjunction with a variety of prime movers. A drop deck designed trailer is considered suitable.

All areas of delivery will need to be inspected and purpose permits will need to be obtained prior to the transportation

Storage facilities in each destination port will need to be identified to accommodate timely and expedient unloading of containers from sea vessels. Given that a large shipment arriving at a destination port are unlikely to be unloaded, transported and constructed without unduly affecting a vessels shipping schedule, it is planned to pre plan storage facilities in this event.

The UMACO Board has agreed the ideal scenario for the operations of the factory would be for the factory to act as primarily an assembly point with only the company’s core technology being manufactured on-site. The manufacturing / assembly function of the factory will govern the design of the factory. The marketing, IP development and control of the company would be in Australia. Manufacturing operations in Australia are also being considered To facilitate this manufacturing structure sub-manufacturers may be sourced and trading and supply terms negotiated. This will be the obligation of the manufacturer.

UMACO will source components to be used in the houses. The components must meet Australian Standards Compliance requirements that are mandatory. This process involves the identification of all components that are required to meet the requirements, the documenting of each of the individual standard requirements, and the sourcing the most appropriate supplying of the components. Compliance Certification documentation will be required to accompany each completed house.

Aside from this there are separate requirements to meet the Australian Standards and the Australian Building Code. Ideally UMACO will be attempting to source components to comply with all three requirements and standards.

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