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Press release Dec 18 2013

UMACO partners with Aus-Asia Global Resources HK The Directors of the combined entities of UMACO Australia (comprising UMACO Australia and UMACO Papua New Guinea) announce with much excitement a new partnership with Aus-Asia Global Resources Hong Kong Limited.

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Business Plan

1. Overview

UMACO Pty Ltd was formed in NSW IN 2003, and has its Head Office in Cairns. It also has offices in Melbourne, Sydney, with a planned International Office in Shanghai.

UMACO has developed the technology and patents to manufacture and processes for constructing houses in a factory environment i.e. mass production

Patent Applications commenced in November 2007 and were completed in 2008 with Allens Arthur Robinson in Australia. Two patents are available to UMACO.

Razvan Gornoviceanu, the principle inventor and patent developer is planned to be employed by UMACO and offered a shareholding in the operating entity to be established to manufacture under licensing and market the houses. Razvan Gornoviceanu has developed two patented technologies for the manufactured housing in the recent years and is currently working on his third.

Australian Application Number 2006906800

Inventor(s):       Razvan Gornoviceanu and others
Title:                 A Folded Enclosure
Filing Date:       5th December 2006
Date of Patent: 5th December 2006

Australian Application Number 2008901741

Inventor(s):       Razvan Gornoviceanu
Title:                 Manufactured Building
Filing Date:       10th April 2008
Date of Patent: 10th April 2008




UMACO holds access to innovative and advanced technology superior to the following categories:
1. Prefab/Panel panel construction
2. Kit homes
3. Manufactured homes
4. Site construction

UMACO proceeded to develop a new technology by combining aspects from offsite manufactured homes and utilizes the advantages while addressing the shortcomings.
UMACO and a large team of various consultants from different fields in the market, set out to develop a new method to construct a dwelling that would reduce the complexity, time and cost.

This was achieved by using the four off-site construction methods as a starting point. The benefits of each were adopted, and where possible enhanced on. The constraints were minimized or eliminated through changing the construction and manufacturing process.

The result is the construction process of The “Maxima” Home by Razvan Gornoviceanu.

The cutting edge technology that enables the unique manufacturing process, allows for the construction, transport and assembly of a full-size family home in a fraction of the time taken to construct a traditional on-site constructed home.

The quality of the homes can be guaranteed to be of a uniformly high standard due to the standardization of the materials and components, and the controlled factory environment in which the house construction is performed. Mass production allows and facilitates improved quality assurance protocols and outcomes versus on site techniques.

In addition UMACO houses will use built-in environmental components to produce an energy efficient house. Considerations for future developments include incorporating the technology for in-built water tanks and storage vessels that act as structural walls within the cavities or sub floor constructions that collect rainwater from the specially designed guttering system.

The great competitive advantage of the technology and the manufacturing process is that it provides a competitive cost structure. This will allow UMACO to deliver large quantities of
a higher quality home in a shorter period of time at a lower price currently available to a global market.

By securing the technology and patents, UMACO has secured the rights to supply the world with a new generation of housing. The “Maxima” and other patented designs being developed will revolutionize the housing market on a global scale. Currently, there are no housing solutions known that can compete with the quality, timing and cost of an UMACO home

UMACO intends to market the houses world wide, and to accomplish this UMACO needs to put into place the required resources, infrastructure and relationships to cover the key operational functions of the business. This business plan outlines how UMACO will achieve these objectives and operations

2. UMACO Resources and Infrastructure

The UMACO Board has been strategically selected to provide a balanced blend of leadership, business management, and technical skills. Each of the members of the board brings not only their own personal skills and experience, but also an invaluable network of relationships and contacts.

The mix of board members gives the company the resources to perform all core functions internally through the board. The board also allows for other non-core intermittent functions to be outsourced to reliable contractors sourced through board members and other commercial contacts.
The list of board members and their attributes are described below:

Housing Management Team

Stephen Wilson, Co-Director of Housing
Stephen Wilson has over 35 years marketing and senior management experience working in multinationals such as Johnson and Johnson, Coca-Cola Amatil and in more recent times in general management and directorships in Aquaswim and companies in the building and chemical industry.

Stephen holds a Commerce Degree from NSW University – Marketing/Economics, Diplomas in Financial Planning and Finance and is a licensed real estate agent.

Currently Stephen is CEO of Rivergum Alliance and Rivergum Property Group. He is PS146 compliant and is accredited for Financial Planning. He specializes in direct property ownership and investment advice for property investment and finance

Stephen is a Senior Associate of FINSIA (Financial Services Institute of Australasia) and is an accredited finance broker, real estate agent and financial adviser

Manufacturing starts at the other end, and is loaded out here.

Lawyers, Solicitors and Patent Attorneys
To provide legal, compliance and patent advice requirements to the UMACO board Allens Arthur Robinson, Patent & Trade Marks Attorneys
GPO Box 50
Sydney NSW 2001
Phone: +61 2 9230 4384
Fax: +61 2 9230 5333
Allens Arthur Robinson has offices throughout South East Asia including Hong Kong, China and Australia.

One of the major marketing tools the company will employ is the website. UMACO has secured www.umaco.com.au and will develop the site closer to be launched mid 2011.
UMACO intends to develop a software system that will provide the ability for the average person to log-on to the site and design their own home using software animation and by having a range of interfaces to select different designs and styles

This program will be developed and used by UMACO design teams and eventually available to general public

UMACO plans to develop a range of trademarks for use in the marketing of its products such as Maxima.

UMACO is planning to secure world rights to the use of and licensing of the patent with manufacturers that is outlined in the manufacturing agreement. It will have the capacity of up to 6,000 houses per year, and is planned to be completed in 2012.

International Shipping
UMACO is currently liaising with Braemar Seascope to transport the shipping container for the UMACO home. Pricing provided by Braemar Seascope indicate that houses may be shipped throughout South East Asia including Australia at a comparable cost to standard containers.

Inland Transportation
UMACO plans to approach transport companies who can transport the container using a drop platform trailer in locations requiring road transport. UMACO have confirmed that transportation of the homes by rail is feasible .

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