Our mission is to excel in everything we do.
To sustain progressive expansion and diversity, while maintaining viability.

Press release Dec 18 2013

UMACO partners with Aus-Asia Global Resources HK The Directors of the combined entities of UMACO Australia (comprising UMACO Australia and UMACO Papua New Guinea) announce with much excitement a new partnership with Aus-Asia Global Resources Hong Kong Limited.

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CEO's Message

I am pleased to be part of an enterprising company such as UMACO AUSTRALIA with its partnerships through relationship with CHINA and AUS-ASIA GLOBAL RESOURCES HK LIMITED.


I have been involved in UMACO AUSTRALIA Pty Ltd's development since its inception. I’ve seen us grow into a progressive, innovative and diverse company whose associates and staff have foresight, imagination and willingness to adapt and adopt change. UMACO remains focused on sound business principles, incorporating mineral developments in subsequent respect with honesty on issues of self-development and co-operation, safety, business, environmental, social and economic activities.

The principal of our mission statement is; we wish 'TO EXCEL IN EVERYTHING WE DO'. I believe we are well under way of achieving this through our dedication, resourcefulness, creativeness and inventive philosophy.

Diversification of our business opportunities assists us in maintaining and developing local indigenous self-supporting industries, while working in-conjunction with mining strategies.  Developing local industries such as pearling, fishing, agriculture, medical and educational developments are incorporated with UMACO's integrated philosophy on international trade policies that include our revolutionary housing construction program.  Thereby, enhancing our humanitarian endeavours in indigenous communities in an environment that exchanges self-development co-operatives with resources development and employment.

Our Management and Board Members appreciate achieving growth and expansion requires interaction and understandings of work environments affecting productivity and efficiency. Appreciating each employees contribution is as important as developing long-term relationships with suppliers, contractors and local inhabitants.

Key management proposals and decisions have resulted in quality acquisitions, international trade, and interactive joint ventures in countries such as Australia, Papua New Guinea, America, Africa and now; China. Our PNG and Australia resources are the most comprehensive and valuable mineral and commodity endowments in the world. We are indeed fortunate to have such an endowment containing some 50,000 square kilometres of mineral provinces collectively consolidated into a private company such as UMACO AUSTRALIA.

AUS-ASIA brings a myriad of multi-layered structural endeavours that sustains our growth whilst trading our products for the benefit of CHINA, AUSTRALIA and PNG among our other Joint Venture interests. I am most honoured to be part of an enterprising company such as UMACO whose partnership and relationships are established in close ally to our good friends; AUS-ASIA GLOBAL RESOURCES LIMITED CHINA.


Warren Keith Geary
Chairman and CEO