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Press release Dec 18 2013

UMACO partners with Aus-Asia Global Resources HK The Directors of the combined entities of UMACO Australia (comprising UMACO Australia and UMACO Papua New Guinea) announce with much excitement a new partnership with Aus-Asia Global Resources Hong Kong Limited.

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Aus-Asia's Press Release - click here


Warren Keith GearyChairman and CEO
Geology Sc Degree
Geology 1. AssDip.MinEng
Applied Science Geology; Warren Geary has a Science Degree (Geology) and (AssDip) Mining Engineer

Warren is a professional geologist specialising in paleo channel and alluvial hard rock open cut resources. Warren is a recognised mining entrepreneur with over 33 years of mineral exploration and mining development experience across numerous established projects throughout Queensland Australia and Papua New Guinea. Warren brings to Umaco extensive corporate mineral industry knowledge and industrial technical mining engineering expertise.


Amandeep Mann – Vice Chairman & Senior Executive Director Director of Business Development and Commodity Trading

Aman has a Masters in Security Management; Bachelor in Hospitality Management and Diploma in Front Line Management. This includes 14 years experience in the Security Industry and 10 years in Hospitality.

Aman is UMACO's front man. His position is to investigate mining properties and other investment opportunities before presenting to The Board. He brings to UMACO his vast international clientele and commodity knowledge.

Gordon Gao- Executive Director & Chief Finance Officer, China Region

Gordon is highly motivated professional who has provided services to Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions and high net worth individuals.

Peter "Jack" Ireland – Executive Director & Chief Finance Officer

Jack has an impeccable banking finance background of over 20 years. He appreciates the importance of confidentiality and provides UMACO with tailor-made solutions for a diverse and expanding base in the global market. He also has a consistent focus on innovation and technology.

Anna Visser - Co-Director and Secretary

Ms Visser is an executive administrator who is skilled with accreditations in Business Office and Accounting. Anna has a Bachelor of Accounting and has administered offices in industry related standards to mining and support based infrastructure.